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Gordon GibbGordon Gibb is a writer, broadcaster and media specialist who has contributed since 2007. His specialty is getting to the heart of an issue quickly, and complex subjects are more easily understood in his hands. His work has appeared in major international magazines and newspapers, and his two books on Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester B. Pearson were published in 2006 and 2015 respectively. A book of essays and newspaper columns entitled ‘Gibberish: Tall Tales and Domestic Disasters from Beyond the Microphone’ was released in 2014. A novel, ‘The Fifth Season,’ is due in 2016. When not writing and producing his daily radio program, Gordon operates a voiceover studio at and runs an oldies music channel at

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California Woman Launches Harassment Lawsuit against Dolby
Know Your Rights under the California Family Rights Act
Long-Running California ERISA Lawsuit Settles
Trucking Firms Found to be In Violation of California Compliance
Former Venture Capital Employee Asserts Discrimination, Harassment
Eight-Year Wage and Hour Litigation Likely Looking at $21 Million Settlement
Restauranteur Convicted of Paying Undocumented Worker Pauper’s Wages
US Supreme Court Rules for Church-Affiliated Hospitals in ERISA Dispute
An Informed Employer Can Often Avoid an FMLA Lawsuit
California Plaintiffs Alleging Wrongful Termination Not Isolated Incidents
Google Characterizes DOL Compliance Request as Beyond Its Mandate
Plaintiff Wrongfully Accused of Racism Files California Harassment Lawsuit
California Employer Cited Following Death of Employee
DOL Still Searching Google for Documents Over Compliance
California Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Targets SpaceX
Former Television Executive Files Lawsuit, Alleges FMLA Violations et al
California Wage & Hour Lawsuit Against MLB in Rain Delay
Former Personal Chef to Rap Star Sues for Harassment
The Value of the Undocumented Worker in California Can’t Be Overstated
Former Wells Fargo Manager Ordered Reinstated, Earns $5.4 Million Payday
ERISA Exemption Debate Goes to the US Supreme Court
Supplier to US Government Settles Compliance Lawsuit for $1.65 Million
Wrongful Termination Plaintiff Suffers Heart Attack
Latest Revision to California Family Rights Act Goes to Committee April 24
Rollback of Obama Transgender Guidance Does Not Affect California
The Undocumented Worker Crisis: Trump’s Wall May Not Be Needed
Nike Hit with California Wage and Hour Lawsuit
California Health Provider, Others Can’t Sue Under ERISA Claims
Medical Supplier of Surgical Gowns on Trial for Defective Products, Non-Compliance
‘Guerrilla’ Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Heads Back to State Court
Compliance Lawsuit Settlement Sent Back to the Drawing Board
Sexual Harassment Allegations Made Within Pay Discrimination Complaint
Former Blogger with the Los Angeles Times Alleges Age Discrimination
Support Shown to the Undocumented Worker Growing in California
Having Once Struck Out, Minor League Players Finally Get to First Base
Cal / OSHA’s Role in Ski and Snowboarding Resort Oversight
California ERISA Lawsuit Settled for $2.75 Million
Federal FMLA Bill Tries for a Second Time, Mirrors California FMLA
Trump Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants Puts California at Odds with the Feds
Former ESPN Commentator Sues for Wrongful Termination
Preliminary Settlement Reached Quickly in California Wage and Hour Dispute
California Harassment Lawsuit Finds for Movie Actor Defendant
Former Employee at Odds with Sonoma State University over Cal/OSHA Concerns
Discrimination Lawsuit against Presidential Executive Order Launched in California
California ERISA Lawsuit Drags on for a Decade, Remains Unresolved
Oracle Hit with Federal Discrimination Lawsuit, Allegations Stem from California
Donning & Doffing Plaintiffs Allege Hours of Unpaid Work per Week
A California ERISA Potpourri to begin the New Year
California Undocumented Workers have an Ally in the State
New California OSHA Workplace Violence Standard for Healthcare Workers
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