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Gordon GibbGordon Gibb is a writer, broadcaster and media specialist who has contributed since 2007. His specialty is getting to the heart of an issue quickly, and complex subjects are more easily understood in his hands. His work has appeared in major international magazines and newspapers, and his two books on Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester B. Pearson were published in 2006 and 2015 respectively. A book of essays and newspaper columns entitled ‘Gibberish: Tall Tales and Domestic Disasters from Beyond the Microphone’ was released in 2014. A novel, ‘The Fifth Season,’ is due in 2016. When not writing and producing his daily radio program, Gordon operates a voiceover studio at www.GordonGibb.com and runs an oldies music channel at www.yourKawarthaOLDIES.com.

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Builder of New NASA Spacecraft Hit with California Labor Lawsuit
Various Sides Line Up on California Labor Law Proposal
Domestic Bill of Rights Meant to Curb California Overtime Pay Abuse
California Labor Lawsuit Class Members Want Dispute Back in State Court
Plaintiffs in California Labor Law Class Action Take On Olive Garden
Class Action v. Barnes & Noble Has Roots in California Labor Lawsuit
Plaintiffs Ring the Taco Bell in California Labor Lawsuit
Disney Faces Proposed Class-Action California Labor Lawsuit
Proposed California Labor Lawsuit Settlement Worth $4.75 Million
Affected Workers Try to Put the Kibosh in Bosch Attempt to Dismiss
Bay Area Contractor on Hook for Almost $1 Million in California Labor Lawsuit
Fleet Service Workers Now Boarding Class-Action California Labor Lawsuit
Jury Finds for Plaintiff in California Denied Disability Insurance Lawsuit
Plot Thickens in Raiderette California Labor Lawsuit
Burbank Attorneys Turn the Tables and File California Labor Lawsuit
Facility Workers Owed $1.6 Million: Labor Commissioner
California Starts the Year with Two Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits
Cheerleader’s California Labor Code Lawsuit Gets Attention by the Feds
California Labor Law Gets New Look for New Year
Unions Launch California Labor Lawsuit Over Contract Clause Clawback
Furniture Distributor Compensates Workers for California Labor Law Violations
Janitors Allege Ross Dress for Less Equates Work for Less
Upscale Sushi Restaurant Hit with California Labor Code Allegations
Alleged Violations to California Labor Law No Holiday for Affected Workers
California Labor Law Taking the Heat
Collecting California Labor Law Settlements Remains a Challenge
Contractors Fined $748,366 Over California Labor Law Violations
Property Management Firm Hit with California Labor Lawsuit
California Labor Law Violations Total Almost $2 Million
California State Labor Comish Fights On against Labor Law Violations
Business Owner Jailed for California Labor Law Violation
The Road to Justice Under California Labor Law
Allegedly Forcing Workers to Toil Off the Clock Lands Car Wash in Hot Water
Under California Labor Law, Employees Are Not Independent Contractors
Big or Small, Violation of California Labor Law Is Just Wrong
California Labor Law Wage Theft = 865 Employees, Three Time Clocks
New California Labor Law and a Justin Bieber Lawsuit
Another Million-Dollar Bust Under California Labor Law
Disney Worker Launches California Labor Lawsuit Alleging Religious Discrimination
New California Labor Law Will Aid Breastfeeding Employees
California Sub-contractor to Pay Over $1 Million for California Labor Law Violations
$1.6 Million California Labor Lawsuit Launched Against Farm Labor Contractor
LoJack Corp. Agrees to $8.1 Million Settlement in California Labor Law Class Actions
California Realtor Settles Labor Lawsuit for $5 Million
In-N-Out Burger Class Action Alleges Racial Discrimination in California
California Labor Law Violations Found Via Impromptu Inspections
California Labor Law Settlement Worth $90 Million
Plaintiff Sues Exclusive Golf Club for Alleged California Labor Law Violations
Is Cost-Cutting Wal-Mart Bad for California Labor Law?
Class Action Lawsuit Attempts to Clean Up the Car Wash
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