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Gordon GibbGordon Gibb is a writer, broadcaster and media specialist who has contributed since 2007. His specialty is getting to the heart of an issue quickly, and complex subjects are more easily understood in his hands. His work has appeared in major international magazines and newspapers, and his two books on Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester B. Pearson were published in 2006 and 2015 respectively. A book of essays and newspaper columns entitled ‘Gibberish: Tall Tales and Domestic Disasters from Beyond the Microphone’ was released in 2014. A novel, ‘The Fifth Season,’ is due in 2016. When not writing and producing his daily radio program, Gordon operates a voiceover studio at www.GordonGibb.com and runs an oldies music channel at www.yourKawarthaOLDIES.com.

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Yet Another Wage and Hour Lawsuit Claims Lack of Overtime From Uber
Contractor Fined by Cal-OSHA, Lawsuit Cites Personal Injuries in Blast
Famed San Francisco 49ers Announcer Sues for Age Discrimination
Proposed Bill Aims at Standards for Indoor Workers
California Labor Law Compliance Lawsuit Grew from Accident at Tesla
Well-Known Fitness Brand Associated with California Wage and Hour Class Action
In Praise of the California Undocumented Worker
Doctor Files California FMLA Lawsuit
Medical Facility Hit with California Wage and Hour Class-Action Lawsuit
California Warehouse Cited for OSHA Violations, Faces Class-Action Lawsuit
Freelance Writer Takes on Stadium Contractor in California Wage and Hour Lawsuit
University of California, Former Berkeley Dean Face Harassment Lawsuit
California Wage and Hour Class Action Settled for $2.25 Million
TrueCar Truly Believes It Is Compliant with California Law
California Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit in “Stark” Contrast
Is California’s Heat Illness Prevention Act Actually Working?
A Hard Life, Unfairness the Bastion of the California Undocumented Worker
California Judge Grants Preliminary Approval to $1.8 Million Settlement
Plaintiffs Have Another Go at Farmers Insurance Exchange in California Lawsuit
California OSHA Labor Lawsuit Seeks to Hold Defendant to Original Settlement
Another Tale of Two California Harassment Lawsuits
Undocumented Workers Integral to California Economy
$4.9 Million Settlement Approved for California Prevailing Wage Compliance Lawsuit
Parking Valets Allege Misclassification As Independent Contractors
Former Coach Sues UCSB, Cites Unsafe Work Environment
California ERISA Lawsuit Results in Settlement Exceeding a Half-Million
ULTA Stores Hit with Overtime Pay Class-Action Lawsuit in California
A Tale of Two California Harassment Lawsuits
California Labor Lawsuit Alleges Failure to Pay for Missed Meal Breaks
Arbitration Agreement “Unconscionable” in California Wrongful Termination Case
Longtime Chef Claims Harassment in California Discrimination Lawsuit
Former Employees Sue California Radio Station for Wrongful Termination
California FMLA Lawsuit Stymied by Tribal Immunity
California Labor Paid Sick Leave Laws Clarified, Still Complicated
Injury Risk Not Lost on Knott’s Plaintiff Who Now Suffers from Vision Problems
Los Angeles Hotels Crying Foul Over Raise in Minimum Wage
Respecting Caitlin Jenner and Her Community Under the Law
California Truckers Just Want to Be Paid
Stryker/Howmedica Agree to $3 Million California Labor Law Settlement
American Apparel Hit with Proposed California Labor Law Class Action
Subsidiary of Kaiser Permanente Hit with Overtime Pay Laws Class Action
Two Very Different California Labor Code Lawsuits
All Eyes on Pao v. Kleiner et al in California Labor Lawsuit
Wal-Mart Hit with California Labor Lawsuit
Cheerleaders to Gain Under Proposed California Labor Law Bill
California Overtime Law Class Action Seeks $5 Million
$1.6 Million California Labor Law Settlement Involving Sears Approved
Temp Worker Takes on Former Employer in Proposed Class Action
Claim Adjusters May Not Be in Good Hands with Allstate
Former Executive Chef Files Class-Action California Labor Lawsuit
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