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Heidi Turner has been a contributor since 2006. As a freelance writer, she has had her work published in various news outlets and magazines. In her spare time, Heidi entertains her four cats and travels as much as her budget allows. You can visit Heidi at www.heiditurner.ca

California Could Expand Parental Leave
Snapchat Faces California Wrongful Termination Claims
California Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Goodwill Industries
Google Faces California Employee Lawsuit
Wells Fargo Whistleblower Files California Harassment Lawsuit
California Vows to Protect Undocumented Workers
Court Allows FMLA Retaliation Suit To Proceed
California Donning and Doffing a Contentious Issue
McDonald’s Settles California Compliance Lawsuit for $3.75 Million
FMLA Lawsuits on the Rise

FMLA Lawsuits on the Rise

November 4, 2016
California Nurses File Claims Against Twin Cities Community Hospital
California Enacts Sexual Harassment Law Targeting Janitorial Industry
California Court Finds Employee Contract Clause Unenforceable
Farm Owners Required to Comply With Overtime Law
Pulitzer Prize Winner Files Discrimination Lawsuit
Gretchen Carlson's Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Fox
Florida Blue Agrees to Settle ERISA Lawsuit
Family Responsibilities Leading to More Employee Lawsuits
Wells Fargo Settles Wrongful Termination Lawsuit
Tibble ERISA Lawsuit Dismissed
California Amends Employment Discrimination Regulations
California Supreme Court Rules Employees Entitled to Seats
Former Firefighter Awarded $2.3 Million
Court Grants Class-Action Status to ERISA Lawsuit
Discrepancy between California Family Leave Act and FMLA
California State Bar Faces $15 Million Wrongful Termination Lawsuit
Yahoo Faces California Discrimination Lawsuit
Los Angeles to Pay Almost $4 Million to Settle Harassment and Discrimination Lawsuit
Undocumented Workers Entitled to Job Protections
Cigna Settles ERISA Lawsuit

Cigna Settles ERISA Lawsuit

January 29, 2016
California Minimum Wage Increases
New California FMLA Laws Take Effect
Judge in Uber Case Rules on Arbitration Agreements
California Fair Pay Act About to Take Effect
Retired Teacher Files $12 Million Lawsuit
California Family Rights Act Prevents Employer Interference
Animal Welfare Complaints Result in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit
Insurance Lawsuits Allege ERISA Violations
Understanding California Family Medical Leave
California Employee Discrimination Suit Nets $4.75 Million Award
Uber Appeals Class-Action Ruling
California Looks to Abolish Forced Arbitration
California Labor Laws Extend to Undocumented Workers
Class-Action Status Given to Apple Wage and Hour Lawsuit
Uber Responds to California Labor Lawsuit with Motion
California Cheerleaders Cheering Minimum Wage Legislation
Wipro, Uber Face Wage and Hour Lawsuits
Drivers File California Labor Lawsuit against Lyft
AT&T Faces California Labor Lawsuit
California Labor Law: Yard Hostlers Not Getting Proper Breaks
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