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Mexican Who Defrauded the Undocumented Worker Stripped of Citizenship

Los Angeles, CA: California’s immigrant-friendly, and welcoming stance aside it’s tough enough to be an undocumented worker in Donald Trump’s America without having someone take advantage of you. But that’s what appears to have happened after a Mexican woman misrepresented herself as a US immigration officer and promised to help undocumented immigrants achieve legal status and US citizenship, cheating the unsuspecting victims out of thousands of dollars in the process.

August 28, 2017

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Case in California?

Sacramento, CA: For those unaware, or having forgotten the basic tenets of employment within the State of California, it is useful to know that California is a so-called ‘at-will’ state. The employee works for his or her employer by virtue of their own free will, and can also resign from their position at any time, without advance notice. Employers, in turn, can fire an employee on the spot without warning. This can sometimes trigger a wrongful termination lawsuit.

August 21, 2017

Chevron Settles Cal OSHA Issues over Richmond Refinery Fire for $20 Million

Los Angeles, CA: An oil refinery fire in California in 2012 that injured five workers and sent thousands of nearby residents to the hospital has resulted in a $1 million fine assessed to Chevron Corp. under OSHA and an agreement to make $20 million in improvements to its refinery in Richmond, the site of the fire five years ago.

August 20, 2017

San Francisco Startup Hit with Harassment Lawsuit

San Francisco, CA: A startup company with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco is facing a harassment lawsuit amidst allegations of rampant sexual behavior in the workplace, including the provision of a designated room for which the sole purpose was to provide consenting employees a private location for intercourse in its San Francisco office, or so it has been alleged.

August 15, 2017

El valor del trabajador indocumentado en California es incalculable

Los Ángeles, California: La retórica contra el trabajador indocumentado se había atenuado después de que otros tomarán una relevancia más inmediata en la Casa Blanca de Trump, mientras que el apoyo al trabajador indocumentado continúa aumentando por toda California junto con el impacto positivo que estos tienen en la economía del estado.

August 10, 2017

FMLA and CFRA is a Complex Relationship Requiring Expert Advice

Sacramento, CA: Few would argue that while the federally-regulated Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and its State counterpart The California Family Rights Act (CFRA) go to great lengths in guaranteeing certain rights and protections for workers who are themselves ill or have responsibility for a sick or injured family member, the interaction of the two can be complex. And while pundits observe that claims and lawsuits within the FMLA and CFRA are increasing, so too are the cautions that such regulations are complex and require the expert services of a qualified attorney to wade through the quagmire.

August 10, 2017

California Class Action Alleges ERISA Violations

San Francisco, CA: A former employee of Franklin Resources Inc. (FRI), which is more commonly known as Franklin Templeton, has blown the whistle on his former employer by launching a California class action lawsuit alleging ERISA violations. To that end, late last month a federal judge certified the class after finding there were sufficiently common issues of law to warrant the class action.

August 9, 2017

California Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Sports Agency

Los Angeles, CA: A California discrimination lawsuit that was filed back in May alleges discrimination and retaliation suffered by plaintiff Joyce Li, a former employee of Independent Sports & Entertainment (ISE, which used to be known as Relativity Sports). Li, who alleges she was terminated from her job, asserts that the work environment at ISE was blatantly discriminatory.

August 4, 2017

California Wage and Hour Class Action Seeks Nearly $19 Million

San Francisco, CA: A proposed wage and hour class action lawsuit filed near the beginning of the year in California state court is seeking nearly $19 million in unpaid wages and other damages from defendant T-Mobile.

July 31, 2017

Proposed New State Legislation to Further Protect the Undocumented Worker

Sacramento, CA:As the Trump Administration continues to target immigrants, a State bill recently introduced in the California legislature is aimed at further strengthening the rights of the undocumented worker, in a state that values their contribution to the local economy.

July 29, 2017
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