California Harassment Labor Law Information

By .   Updated June 9, 2015

Under the California labor law, harassment can take a variety of forms. Workers in California might be subject to sexual harassment, gender harassment, or harassment based on a protected characteristic. Employees are protected from harassment by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act while employers are required to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and provide a safe workplace for all employees.


The California Fair Employment and Housing Act requires employers to prohibit sexual harassment, gender harassment, harassment based on medical conditions and harassment based on any other protected characteristic. Employers must also provide employees with information regarding sexual harassment—including legal remedies for sexual harassment. Those employers who have 50 employees or more must provide sexual harassment prevention training.

Employers are also required to reasonably accommodate an employee's religious beliefs, pregnancy, and disabilities.

Sexual Harassment

The Fair Employment and Housing Commission includes unwanted sexual advances—verbal and physical—offering employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors, and making derogatory comments, slurs and jokes as sexual harassment. Employers can be liable for their management employees, even if management is not aware of the harassment. Under California law, victims may be entitled to monetary damages, depending on the circumstances of the harassment.

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