California Education Worker Legal News

By .   Updated June 27, 2015

California Education Labor Law News

California education employees whose rights have been violated can file a lawsuit to recover missing wages or obtain damages from their employer. Workers who are employed by educational institutions within the state may be able to file California labor lawsuits to protect their rights in a variety of areas including occupational health and safety (OSHA), employee retirement and other benefits plans (ERISA), freedom from discrimination or harassment, and protection against wrongful termination.

California Teacher Rights

Teachers in California have special considerations related to their work. These may include salary negotiations, classroom safety, class size, standards of evaluation, disciplinary procedures and actions, time spent preparing for class, seniority and tenure, transfer rights and early retirement. While some may be filed through the California Teachers Association and the Public Relations Board, some disputes may require the help of an employment attorney.

California private school teachers (K-12) may be exempt from overtime pay if they meet certain requirements. It's best to discuss any education employment complaints with a labor lawyer as there are different provisions for teachers based on whether the work is at a public or private institution.

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