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California Labor Lawsuit Gets Former Employee $2.1 Million Award

San Diego, CA A former SDG&E employee who alleges he was fired for complaining about discrimination against poor customers was awarded $2.1 million in his California labor law lawsuit. The plaintiff alleged he was fired for being a whistleblower against his company, in violation of federal and California labor laws, and although SDG&E disagreed, a jury found in favor of the plaintiff.

March 31, 2014

Former US Marine Wrongfully Terminated from California 7-Eleven Store

Sun Valley, CA It’s sad enough that a former US Marine works at a 7-Eleven convenience store because it’s the only place that offered graveyard shift - since returning from Afghanistan, Christopher hasn’t been able to sleep nights. But wrongful termination in this situation is an outrageous violation of the California labor law.

February 10, 2014

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed in California

San Francisco, CA A former senior sales manager for Oracle Corp has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit alleging Oracle’s firing of him violates federal and California labor law. Although most employee firings are not violations of California labor code or federal labor code, this lawsuit alleges the plaintiff was fired because of his national origin and in retaliation for his taking a stance on employee rights.

January 13, 2014

California Labor Law Needs Compassionate Code

Riverside, CA With “at will” employment and consequent firing at will, the California labor laws seem harsh and outdated and mainly in favor of the employer. Such is the case with Shawn, who was fired after working 18 years with a perfect record.

December 23, 2013

How Many F-Bombs Are Grounds for California Labor Lawsuit?

Sacramento, CA Although California is an employment at-will state, California labor laws don’t give employers carte blanche to treat their employees unfairly. Wrongful termination is a violation of the California labor code.

December 2, 2013

California Wrongful Termination So Wrong

Los Angeles, CA Not only was Robert wrongfully terminated, his employer demanded that he sign an incriminating document before getting his last paycheck. “Signing this pink slip meant that I might not get unemployment insurance and even worse, I might not be able to get a job in the automotive industry again,” he says. “Not only did I get shafted - I think my employer violated California labor laws.”

November 18, 2013

Kaiser Faces Retaliation Lawsuit

San Bernardino, CA Kaiser faces a California labor lawsuit filed on behalf of two women who allege they were fired in violation of California labor laws and federal labor laws. The complaint against Kaiser involves allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination and retaliation under California state labor laws.

November 4, 2013

Cupcakes with Termination Tasteless

San Francisco, CA First there was the Twinkie defense and now cupcakes for the wrongfully terminated - only in San Francisco! While Maryann’s employer thought the gesture would soften the blow, she believes there is no room for cupcakes in the California labor laws.

October 28, 2013

When Does Drug Testing Violate the California Labor Law?

Torrance, CA Colin was given a drug test prior to being hired as a computer technician. Generally, California labor law allows employers to test applicants for drugs. But Colin was terminated two months after he was hired, with the excuse that he tested positive for pot.

October 7, 2013

California Labor Law Spells Pregnancy Termination a Wrongful Termination

Sacramento, CA When Rovanda was five months pregnant, she told her employer that she needed to take a week off work for an important surgical procedure. Rovanda never thought, after working as their janitorial manager for five years with a perfect work record, that she would be filing a claim for wrongful termination. Her employer called it “laid off,” but in California, being fired because you’re pregnant spells discrimination, and she is likely entitled to California wrongful termination damages.

August 18, 2013
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