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California Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit in “Stark” Contrast

Los Angeles, CA: A California wrongful dismissal lawsuit alleging wrongful termination by a former executive with the Tri-City Medical Center is intertwined amidst a host of allegations involving violations to Stark Law. The latter, which is defined as a limitation on certain physician referrals, has cost the Tri-City Medical Center in excess of $3 million to resolve violations.

January 21, 2016

Animal Welfare Complaints Result in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Vallejo, CA: Concerns about animal welfare at a Six Flags park in California have reportedly resulted in a wrongful termination lawsuit against the theme park operator. Michael and Holley Muraco filed the California wrongful termination lawsuit because they say they were retaliated against for reporting Six Flags for poor animal care.

November 11, 2015

California Looks to Abolish Forced Arbitration

Los Angeles, CA A common tactic of employers and organizations looking to avoid lawsuits is to require mandatory arbitration to enforce a contract. The California Senate, however, is looking to abolish mandatory arbitration as it relates to California labor law, preventing employers from forcing employees into arbitration.

September 10, 2015

Arbitration Agreement “Unconscionable” in California Wrongful Termination Case

Antioch, CA The plaintiff in a California wrongful termination case has scored a partial victory following the ruling of an appellate court upholding a trial court’s earlier conclusion that an arbitration agreement signed as a condition of employment by the plaintiff was “procedurally and substantively unconscionable.”

August 28, 2015

Former Employees Sue California Radio Station for Wrongful Termination

Los Angeles, CA Two former employees of a California-based radio station owned by a corporation headquartered in Mexico have filed wrongful termination lawsuits under California labor law, alleging “a campaign of character assassination” and other allegations.

August 17, 2015

Manager Who Was Injured While Stopping Robbery at Rite Aid Recovers $3.7 million

LOS ANGELES - A Rite Aid pharmacy manager obtained an $8.7 million wrongful termination and disability discrimination jury verdict last week.

July 23, 2015

Two Very Different California Labor Code Lawsuits

San Francisco, CA His employer didn’t require advance notice of media appearances. And a former managing director of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) did not specifically represent the views of his employer when he was recorded for a segment of The Daily Show last year. Nonetheless, plaintiff Todd Wilemon’s employers were not happy with the outcome of what turned out to be a short segment on the show and terminated Wilemon from his job. Wilemon alleges the termination is in violation of California labor law and has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

March 30, 2015

California Labor Attorney: Pregnancy Discrimination Not Rare

Hollywood, CA Even in an at-will employment state like California, where employment can be terminated for any reason - or no reason - firings for discriminatory reasons are illegal. Zack Broslavsky, attorney at Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP, currently represents a woman who alleges her termination violates pregnancy discrimination laws. The good news for California employees who are terminated for discriminatory reasons is that wrongful termination lawsuits can be filed to recover lost wages, future lost earnings and emotional distress.

June 18, 2014

Age Discrimination Grounds for California Labor Lawsuit

Fresno, CA Employers would be wise to consider California labor laws before firing employees based on their age. “I think they got rid of me because I am 67 and we don’t have mandatory retirement,” says Suzy. “And I worked for a union - you’d think they would be more considerate and play by the rules.”

May 12, 2014

Bullying Has to Stop

Sacramento, CA Craig, a commercial truck driver, isn’t about to take bullying lying down. He believes this type of harassment should be a violation of the California labor law. Unfortunately, this type of harassment is not contrary to the California labor code, but wrongful termination is.

April 7, 2014
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