California Transportation Labor Law News

By .   Updated June 27, 2015

California Transportation Labor Law

Transportation workers in California face labor law violations including failure to pay minimum wage or overtime and misclassification as an independent contractor. Transportation workers include those who are responsible for transporting goods or those who drive people, including truck drivers, commercial van drivers, taxi drivers and Uber and Lyft drivers.

California Transportation Worker Wage and Hour Violations

California's transportation industry is filled with complaints of drivers being misclassified as independent contractors. Companies that hire transportation workers classify the workers as independent contractors to avoid minimum wage and overtime laws. Many workers, however, say they are actually employees and are subject to company rules and policies in how they carry out their work duties.

When analyzing whether workers are employees, the courts take into consideration the worker's duties, degree of autonomy in carrying out the tasks and how much control the company/employer has over the worker. Employees who are misclassified as independent contractors may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover lost wages and overtime pay.

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