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California Labor Law: "Retaliation Means More Ammo for Me," Says Chauffeur

Palm Springs, CA If you have ever booked a limo, you've likely tipped your chauffer anywhere from 15??"20 percent of your bill - either paying your driver directly or adding the tip onto your credit card. But, according to Brent, not all limo companies abide by the California Labor Law and turn over tips to their employees.

April 11, 2011

Car Dealerships and California Labor Law: Get a Signed Contract

San Dimas, CA "I know something about California Labor Law," says Ray, a former sales manager for a Toyota dealership. "My general manager figured that by eliminating my position they could save money - and he hasn't even given me my final paycheck, which is against the California labor code."

November 8, 2010

Was Worker's Death Due to Ignorance of California Labor Laws?

San Francisco, CA The very premise of California labor law dictates a number of assumptions: that workers will be paid fairly, that they will be properly trained, and that they ultimately have a safe environment in which to work. The latter tenet appears to have been lacking in 2008 when a young mother met a horrible death at a California printing plant.

November 1, 2010

California Labor Violation—Illegal Drugs an Excuse for Termination

Lakeport, CA Kevin was fired for taking drugs, but he says that is ridiculous. "I've never taken illegal drugs," says Kevin. "I believe I was fired because I asked for a raise so I was wrongfully terminated and that's a violation of the California labor law."

August 9, 2010

California Labor Lawsuit Sees Settlement of $22 Million

San Jose, CA Two lawsuits that have made the news recently highlight the importance of employers following California labor law and properly compensating employees for all hours worked. One lawsuit involves a multi-million dollar settlement for employees while the other involves employees who say patients at a hospital received inadequate care due to violations of California employee labor law.

August 27, 2009

California Labor Law and Federal Express Not on the Same Page

Antioch, CA: Rene worked as a Federal Express courier for 20 years; he was fired May 1, 2009, "because I took my lunch break 5 minutes after I was supposed to," he says. Can FedEx fire an employee of 20 years because he was late for lunch? The California Labor Law clearly states that an employee must take a 30-minute meal period after five hours during an 8-hour work day, but Rene says FedEx has its own agenda.

July 22, 2009

Automotive Company Downsizes-- California Labor Law Violation?

Sacramento, CA Sean worked in the auto parts business 8 years for Chrysler with no complaints against him but he was just laid off. "In reality I have been wrongfully dismissed and I think my boss laid me off to avoid a wrongful dismissal lawsuit," says Sean, who believes that the Chrysler company violated the California Labor Law in an underhanded and unfair way.

December 10, 2008

California Labor Law: A Tale of Two Hard Drives

Sacramento, CA It used to be not long ago that a hard drive described slugging it out behind the wheel. Nowadays a hard drive is the term used to describe storage of data and the guts of the computer to which our lives are irrevocably tied. But in California there is a link between the two??"for the purposes of this article anyway??"given various California labor laws and attempts by various entities to flaunt the law or change it.

November 4, 2008
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