California Sports and Leisure Labor Law News

By , .   Updated July 6, 2015

California Sports and Leisure Industry Labor Law

California employees who work in the sports, recreation or leisure industry may be eligible to file a lawsuit against their employer for failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, failure to provide adequate breaks or other violations of California labor law. Sports and leisure employees include golf caddies, lifeguards, spa and health club attendants, scuba and surf instructors, and workers at sporting events.

California Sports and Leisure Worker Wage and Hour Violations

Sports and leisure employees could have their rights to minimum wage, overtime and meal and rest breaks violated. They have the right to California minimum wage, overtime and proper meal and rest breaks. Failure to provide these can result in a lawsuit being filed against the employer.

California Sports and Leisure Wrongful Termination

Although California is an at-will state, there are situations in which the employer could commit wrongful termination, and the employee can file a lawsuit to recover lost wages or be reinstated to the position. Among those situations are if the firing is discriminatory, if it violates public policy or an existing contract, or if it is in retaliation for the employee filing a report about unsafe work conditions.

California Sports and Leisure Worker Discrimination

Sports and leisure employees are protected by law from discrimination based on a number of protected characteristics, including age, race, disability, pregnancy, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin. Employees who are subject to discrimination—including disparate attention or harassment—may be eligible to file a lawsuit against their employer.

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