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By .   Updated June 27, 2015

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The California agriculture industry is filled with violations by employers who hire undocumented workers and violate California's wage and hour labor laws. Undocumented employees often believe they cannot take action against these employers to enforce their rights so they endure hazardous working conditions, long hours with no overtime and very low pay.

California Agriculture Wage and Hour

Because many undocumented agriculture workers do not know they are entitled to minimum wage and other protections, many work in terrible conditions—often being forced to work well over eight hours a day with no breaks and no overtime pay, for much less than minimum wage. In some cases, workers have allegedly died after being forced to work long hours in extremely high temperatures with no access to shade or water.

Agriculture workers have the right to safe working conditions with adequate breaks, and minimum wages and overtime pay. California law requires farms and contractors to ensure farm workers have access to water and shade.

California Undocumented Workers

All workers in California—regardless of their citizenship status—are protected by California labor laws. Undocumented workers can file complaints about wage and hour violations, hazardous working conditions and other violations of their rights. Among the rights extended to all workers are minimum wage, overtime pay (with some exceptions), workplace safety and the right to file complaints.

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