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Federal Initiative Augments California Labor Law

Sacramento, CA An increasing number of immigrant workers in the state of California and other jurisdictions, coupled with the tendency of many ruthless employers to resort to unkind and unfair tactics to exploit workers in violation of California labor law, has prompted the US Department of Labor to consider requests for U Visa applications for immigrant workers willing to assist the government in the investigation of crimes against workers.

May 9, 2011

Was Worker's Death Due to Ignorance of California Labor Laws?

San Francisco, CA The very premise of California labor law dictates a number of assumptions: that workers will be paid fairly, that they will be properly trained, and that they ultimately have a safe environment in which to work. The latter tenet appears to have been lacking in 2008 when a young mother met a horrible death at a California printing plant.

November 1, 2010

California Labor Law Turns Up the Heat on California Farm Labor Contractors

San Francisco, CA The tenets of California labor laws are designed to protect the health of workers in a number of different sectors. Thus, the recent sanctions under California State labor law against the operator of a farming enterprise following accusations of violations under California labor employment law.

July 7, 2009

California Labor Law: Heat Stress Regulation Designed to Prevent Death

Santa Clara, CA Although many employees consider labor law violations stressful, they do not consider that some violations put people's lives at risk. However, a lawsuit filed recently in California argues that a company's failure to obey the law cost a young, pregnant woman her life. California has enacted a heat stress regulation designed to prevent exactly this situation.

June 29, 2008
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