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California Labor Law Breach of Contract: "I'm Not the Only One"

San Marino, CA One California labor law violation is breach of contract. In California an employee can sue for lost wages and benefits, wages they would get in the future, minus what they should earn and have earned at a new job, assuming they get a job within a reasonable amount of time. Paul (not his real name) left his job because he did not receive monies from a profit-sharing account, and he is now in the process of arbitration, with the help of his attorney.

March 10, 2010

California Labor Law: Hostile Environment

Los Angeles, CA "I was a stockbroker and financial advisor for 35 years and survived well in this male-dominated world," says Gwen, "but one year away from retirement, the brokerage firm Wachovia forced me to resign and left me without medical benefits." According to the California Labor Law, Gwen believes she is within her rights to file a wrongful dismissal suit against Wachovia.

May 19, 2008
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