Pier 1 Imports Faces California Labor Lawsuit

San Jose, CA Pier 1 Imports faces a California labor lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination on the part of the retailer. The class-action discrimination lawsuit was reportedly filed after the plaintiff was forced into maternity leave before her due date. According to reports, pregnancy protections are offered under California labor law, but many states do not have the same protections for pregnant employees.

May 5, 2014

Pregnancy Discrimination Still Violates California Labor Law

Sacramento, CA Pregnancy is not a violation of the California labor laws, so it would stand to reason that if a pregnant woman - or a new mother - is discriminated against in the workplace, her employer would be violating the California labor code and she would have the right to file a California labor lawsuit. In this day and age it’s hard to believe a woman would be fired because she is pregnant. Every employer had a mother, and many of their mothers had to work full time. How convenient to forget…

April 21, 2014

California Labor Law on Family Leave Receives High Marks in Study

Los Angeles, CA According to a recent study, a California labor law concerning family leave has not hurt businesses very much, while a number of families have been able to improve their working lives, the Los Angeles Times reports.

January 17, 2011

Fired on Medical Leave—California Labor Law Violation?

Mission Viejo, CA Stan had to take time off work due to a serious health issue - he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. But just a few weeks after applying for medical leave he was terminated, an action that is likely a violation of the California Labor Law.

December 30, 2010
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